Sunday Sermon – Jesus Speaks: The Beatitudes – Feb. 4, 2018

So often we hear persons greet each other with “Blessed”. It conveys a sense of feeling good. Yet when we read Jesus’ teachings on what it means to be blessed, it is a total different picture. Let’s listen to what Jesus said….

Sunday Sermon – Do Not Give Into Discouragement – Jan. 28, 2018

God knows where He is taking us and most importantly how to get there. This message will help us to re-focus and to view trials not as obstacles to where we want to go, but rather as the method to perfect our faith in this ever-increasingly difficult world.

Sunday Sermon – King Jesus and His Kingdom of Power – Jan 21, 2018

We have been examining the Kingdom of Jesus and this message challenges us to tap into the power of God if we are a part of His Kingdom

Basketballers Back in Training for Southern Basketball Conference Open League, March 2016

The Upper Room Community Church’s Basketball team is back in training. After finishing second in the Southern Basketball Conference Division One Basketball Tournament last year and being promoted to the National Basketball league, the team is confident it will do well in the Open League. Under the guidance of coach Oneil Brown,the members of the […]


The week of MASH 2014 – The Praise Report

During the week of June 23-26, residents of Grants Pen, Shortwood, Barbican and other surrounding communities, accessed free medical services at MASH 2014 (Medical Ambassadors Serving through Health care). This annual event is in its 6th year at Upper Room Community Church (URCC) in collaboration with Stafford Crossing Community Church (SCCC) of Virginia, USA. Thirty-five […]

MASH 2014 – Free Medical Clinic

Since 2008, Upper Room has partnered with Stafford Crossing Community Church of Virginia, USA to host an annual free medical clinic during the summer. The medical clinic called – MASH (Medical Ambassadors Serving through Health care) serves the residents of the Grants Pen, Barbican and Shortwood communities, although persons also travel from other communities to access […]

Team Upper lose out on semi-final spot

The verdict is in, Team Upper lost their third match against Waterhouse Blazers (WB) and subsequently, lost their bid to secure a spot in the semi-final round of the Southern Conference Basketball League. The team was out-played by the more experienced WB who remained composed and consistent in their game plan. Team Upper fought valiantly […]

Quarter-final crucial game

Team Upper faces off with Waterhouse Blazers (WB) for the third time to determine who will go through to the semi-final rounds. Both teams are tied at 1-1 after playing 2 out of 3 matches. WB, on their home ground, kept ahead of Team Upper throughout their last encounter on Monday, May 12. Team Upper […]

Celebrating Mothers Day 2014

“Mother with a Mission” – This was the theme for Mothers’ Day message at Upper Room. The message centered around the prophetic words spoken to Mary that she would give birth to Christ, the Saviour (Luke 1:26-38). The message underscored the point that God has a plan for every child that is born. Jesus’ name […]