I have written unto you, young men, because ye are strong, and the word of God abideth in you, and ye have overcome the wicked one. (I John 2:14)

This arm of ministry seeks to foster Christ-based opportunities for youths to experience worship, fellowship and discipleship as an independent group and as part of the whole church family. Young people are taught the basic tenets of the Christian faith and how to apply fundamental Christian values to their life situations. The youths meet weekly for Youth Sunday School, participate in Youth Services throughout the year as well as a weekend retreat during the summer.

The youths actively participate in the life of the church in various ways as they volunteer their time and talents in the service of others e.g. annual summer MASH clinic. By the help of the Holy Spirit and through mentoring and discipleship, the Youth Ministry provides an atmosphere for young people to grow in faith and come into the saving grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Youth Ministry is coordinated by the husband and wife team of Kamal and Shari Gilzene. They have committed their time, resources and love for the care of the youths of this ministry.

Check out images below from Youth Sunday Service held at Upper Room on Sunday, March 2.



Youth Sunday - "God luv tun up til it tun ova"

[img src=]330Full house Youth Sunday
[img src=]320Giving unto the Lord
[img src=]330Jason and Jodi - dynamic duo doing the announcements
[img src=]320Pastor Muirhead showing that his youth is renewed like an eagle's
[img src=]340Brother Elijah challenging the youths in song
[img src=]310
Brother Elijah holding nothing back
[img src=]360
Jordon reads Bible passage
[img src=]350
Jason ministers in song
[img src=]310
Roshawna serving as youth usher
[img src=]270
Praising the Lord through giving
[img src=]300
Youth Director, Kamal Gilzene, prays for the offering
[img src=]310Racquel signs to powerful song
Racquel signs to powerful song
[img src=]300
Racquel gives her all in signing
[img src=]290
Visiting youths being recognized
[img src=]330
Camille introduces speaker
[img src=]300
Guest Speaker - Minister Ricardo Houslin of Church on the Rock & JaHOP
[img src=]320
Guest Speaker - Minister Ricardo Houslin from Church on the Rock and JaHOP
[img src=]330Section of congregation
[img src=]250Youths in rapt attention
[img src=]250
Visiting young men
[img src=]250Roshane giving the vote of thanks
[img src=]260
Island Grill, Manor Park, Community Project provided refreshment
[img src=]230
Elijah and Andrew enjoying after-service fellowship
[img src=]250
Island Grill Manor Park is in the house
[img src=]210
Any more left?
[img src=]260
More soup please
[img src=]340
Youth Directors, Kamal & Shari Gilzene serving the youths
[img src=]310
Youth Directors, Kamal & Shari Gilzene, wondering if it will be enough???
[img src=]200
After-service fellowship 2