We often declare through prayers or songs that we will give ourselves fully to God. We beseech Him to have His way in us and that we will follow and obey Him with our all. But do we really? This message will have us looking deeper into the mirror of God’s word as we are challenged to examine just how much of our all we give to God. We thank Elder Andre Virtue of Go For God Family Church for ministering this word at Upper Room.

The Bible declares that believers in Jesus Christ are made as kings and priests unto God (Rev. 1:6).  But what does that mean? What is our role as a king? What are we to do as priests? This very enlightening message seeks to encourage persons to put their faith in Jesus Christ and also to provide Biblical truths on our roles as believers now and into eternity.

It is evident that how some Preachers talk about hell has, pardon the expression, “evolved” over the years.  In fact, some do not bother to mention it at all in their sermons. Nevertheless, the Bible has lots to say about hell. This message will stir your heart to the truth about heaven and hell as it explores God’s descriptive words about these two places. Give a listen now…..

This message is for everyone, as it talks about not stirring up love until God desires it for us (Song of Songs 3:5). Sometimes we seem to “fall in love” with someone and we only end up “falling  hard”, hurt and in emotional turmoil. This message examines how men and women view each other as potential partners and ultimately how God views us as His bride. Happy listening!

As we celebrate Easter, we pause to deeply reflect on the significance of the cross. Why not reflect with us in this Easter Sunday message?

Hello again! Have you ever identified what type of a learner you are? In fact have you ever thought about what type of a follower you are? Sounds strange, but a disciple is both! Tune in to this message as we explore together “What type of a Follower Are You?”

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Our Discipleship Series just got hotter as we examine the discipleship relationship between Paul & Timothy. It’s time to ask yourself some questions – Am I being discipled? Am  I teachable? Am I following and adhering to the principles I am taught?  Am I able to teach someone else? Give a listen for some answers…


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As we continue our Discipleship Series check out this message entitled “How to Follow Jesus”


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Hmmmm???!! Spiritual abortion? What is that??? Have you committed it? What can you do about it? Well check out this very important message to find the answers for yourself.