We have been examining the Kingdom of Jesus and this message challenges us to tap into the power of God if we are a part of His Kingdom

This message is a continuation of the previous message about the Kingdom of God. A few testimonies are shared to build our faith even more in God and to know that the Kingdom of God is indeed at hand. Give a listen.

Do you realize that the Magi who were looking for Jesus when he was born were wise men? Did you get that? Wise men! They were seeking audience with Jesus and in fact they wanted to worship him. So why are we not doing the same? This is just one of the details highlighted in this message about Jesus and His Kingdom. Give a listen to discover more…

Last year we committed to reading through the New Testament and we were all the richer (in every way) for doing so. We will be reading, studying and meditating again on the New Testament this year. See link below of the simple reading plan – one chapter a day starting with St. Matthew. May we grow in wisdom and in stature and in favour with both God and man as we dig deeper into His transforming, life-giving word.


Have you ever made a decision and it is not too long after, that you realize that it was not such a good idea after all? The Bible has many examples of persons who fell into that trap. We need to be led by God’s Holy Spirit to be spared such heart aches. We really need to trust God’s commands and instructions to us that they are ultimately for our good. This message will challenge and encourage us to do just that….give a listen.

As we say goodbye to 2017 and launch into 2018 everyone wants to know what the future holds for them. Maybe some use crystal balls, or watch the stars for the answer, but what does God say about our future? We pray that this message will be eye-opening and redeeming to you.

As we step into 2018 we pray you will have a blessed and prosperous New Year. In fact true prosperity comes from having a rich relationship with God. This messages outlines just how important such a relationship is for everyone.

We often declare through prayers or songs that we will give ourselves fully to God. We beseech Him to have His way in us and that we will follow and obey Him with our all. But do we really? This message will have us looking deeper into the mirror of God’s word as we are challenged to examine just how much of our all we give to God. We thank Elder Andre Virtue of Go For God Family Church for ministering this word at Upper Room.