Quarter-final crucial game

Team Upper faces off with Waterhouse Blazers (WB) for the third time to determine who will go through to the semi-final rounds. Both teams are tied at 1-1 after playing 2 out of 3 matches. WB, on their home ground, kept ahead of Team Upper throughout their last encounter on Monday, May 12. Team Upper seemed a bit off their game as they lost some balls through loose passes and unclaimed rebounds, making victory elusive as WB won 73 to 61.

Tonight’s match, on WB’s home ground, will be a keenly contested one, as Team Upper will seek to recover rebounds, tighten passes and score from all angles to move pass WB into the semis. The team is going into the match motivated in spirit and heart, even as team player, Ron Dixon, created a motivational clip just for that purpose. See video clip on youtube:


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