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From Adullam to Hebron…The Journey Continues…

This message outlines how this ministry was birthed by a word from God. The Lord God literally called and formed that which was not, out of nothing in 1992. This message is about a journey into the unknown. This message will encourage and inspire you. This message will demonstrate how God uses ordinary people to […]

The Trial of Our Faith

As long as you have faith in Jesus Christ, God is going to allow the testing of your faith, but He will never leave you alone. Abraham trusted God to the hilt…going out on a very scary journey with his one and only son to offer him as a sacrifice (that’s right), even though he […]

Without Love We Are Nothing in God’s Eyes

“What should I do to inherit eternal life?” Famous question posed to Jesus by an expert in religious law, according to St. Luke 10:25. The answer did not lie in possessing material wealth nor in wealth of knowledge of scriptures. The answer was found in having loving relationships – with both God and man! You […]

Do You Have Fellowship With the Holy Spirit?

Would you agree that the only way to get to know someone is to spend time with them? I don’t think anyone would argue with that. Yet, so often, Christians do not spend time getting to know Jesus Christ. Yes they may know God’s words, but it is God’s desire to have constant fellowship with […]

The Cost of Obeying God

There is a saying that “the only thing that is free is salvation”. But is that true? Surely Jesus Christ paid the price for our salvation with His very life, but is there a cost to those who follow Him? Dig into this message as it explores the cost associated with following and obeying Jesus […]

The Reality of Hell

The word hell has been used as an expression of shock as well as in many jokes. The truth is hell is no laughing matter. Do you know what hell is? Is hell real? This message will help us to find truthful answers to these questions.

What do Scriptures Have to Say on Church?

What is your idea of church? Is it a building? A group of people? A place of rules and regulations? A place of refuge or a place to refuse? This message gives us God’s design and purpose for the Church. Let’s get the facts from God Himself through His own very words.

SALVATION – The Greatest Gift

There is hardly anyone who does not appreciate a gift. Some like practical gifts, others prefer personal items and some like expensive gifts. There is a gift that encapsulates all of the above and it is freely available to you too. Find out more about this gift and how you can access it.