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How to Prosper by Reading & Hearing God’s Words – Sun. Sermon – April 26, 2020

Have you ever read the Word of God/ The Bible and it was pretty confusing? Well this message will help us understand why that happens. It will also help us to understand that God’s words were designed to make us bear much fruit i.e. to prosper.


How often we hear statistics about the negative impact of an absentee father on a child’s growth and development. But we also need to be equally aware of the impact of knowing God as our Father. This message is quite clear on this and encourages us to seek out who is Our Father Who Is […]

The Invisible Enemy vs The Invisible God

Easter Sunday Sermon

This message of Easter is about the hope we have in Jesus Christ even as we face an invisible enemy attacking the whole world at this time. This message will encourage and yet challenge you to reflect on the significance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ and the relevance for us today.

Palm Sunday Sermon 2020: The Corona Virus Flood and Our Response

This message will help us to reflect on what is happening in the world now regarding the COVID 19 disease in light of another catastrophic global event which occurred in the Bible. Title of the message: The Corona Virus Flood and Our Response.