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Team Upper lose out on semi-final spot

The verdict is in, Team Upper lost their third match against Waterhouse Blazers (WB) and subsequently, lost their bid to secure a spot in the semi-final round of the Southern Conference Basketball League. The team was out-played by the more experienced WB who remained composed and consistent in their game plan. Team Upper fought valiantly […]

Quarter-final crucial game

Team Upper faces off with Waterhouse Blazers (WB) for the third time to determine who will go through to the semi-final rounds. Both teams are tied at 1-1 after playing 2 out of 3 matches. WB, on their home ground, kept ahead of Team Upper throughout their last encounter on Monday, May 12. Team Upper […]

Celebrating Mothers Day 2014

“Mother with a Mission” – This was the theme for Mothers’ Day message at Upper Room. The message centered around the prophetic words spoken to Mary that she would give birth to Christ, the Saviour (Luke 1:26-38). The message underscored the point that God has a plan for every child that is born. Jesus’ name […]

Quarter final action….

Team Upper has successfully made it through to the quarter finals of the Southern Basketball League Conference. In this round, they have to play best of three against Waterhouse Blazers (WB) to secure their spot in the semi-finals. They are already on the road of that journey as they squared off against WB recently at […]